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Showing posts from January, 2012

Baby Shower Card

Tomorrow I'm going to a baby shower for a neighbors daughter... Here's the card I made to attach to her gift. I really like the paisley paper... I'm normally not a fan of glittery paper, but it adds a bit of sparkle to this simple composition. Another A. Russ Original

Cowboy Cookie

Tonights dinner party will no doubt be a hoot... And to add to the fun I've made a cowboy cookie for dessert! I'm looking forward to a night of laughs with the girls!

Hot Chocolate Cookies

Today I made hot chocolate cookies for a chili dinner I'm headed out too. While the recipe called for a 'from scratch' cookie base... I made it the A. Russ original way... I used a Betty Crocker Chocolate chuck cookie pouch, used melting chocolate disk and cut the large marshmallows with my kitchen scissors. They where fast and turned out great! While love to bake... I like to get out of the kitchen too!

First inspiration of the Year!

Today I felt especially creative and needed to work it out with my hands. Thanks to a post I found on pintrest a few weeks ago, I got a head start on Valentines Day. I'll post that project when I get it completed. My dads birthday is coming up soon, so I wanted to get his card finished. Within a few minutes I came up with this cute card. I made sure to put a sketch in my notebook, I'll have to use this design again! Another A. Russ Original!