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one sketch … two options

Some of you know that I keep a sketch book for my card layouts. I even made some classy ones   to replace the ratty spiral bound book I had been using for years... I use the sketch books all the time, both to create cards and to add layouts for new cards. I like to flip through magazines and sketch ideas in the books. This past week was my moms birthday and my anniversary and while sitting in the craft room thumbing through the sketch books I landed on one sketch that I recently added. It’s simple and I liked that I could use papers from the mounds of scrap I have… While combing through the scraps I was finding papers I could use for both cards, so I said ‘what the heck’ I’ll make the same card from birthday and for anniversary! Funny how a few tweaks make a whole new card, both simple and fitting for the occasion.                              

Thanks … A Bunch!

Recently my dear husband had a bicycling accident and broke his collarbone. He is doing much better now, after surgery to mend the bone with a plate and seven screws! To make things just a tad worse he got into a patch of poison ivy at the same time and got the worse case I had every seen! During the recovery a very special friend made us the best pan of lasagna we’ve had and brought zucchini bread too. She is a wonderful friend and took care of us while he was out of commission. (She knows that I don’t cook! The meal was the first home cooked one we had in over a week!) To say thanks for her thoughtfulness I made this card for her. I got a chance to use the new Cricut machine for the ‘daisy’ cuts. Thanks again Jamie, you’re the best!

Thanks for Dads…

It’s that time of year again when we all say thanks to the man who helped raise us up, thanks to the fellow who provided for us, thanks to the coach, the debater, the guy who showed us how to properly change a water heater element! … Thanks to all the dads out there! I recently made this card for the dads in our lives, hope you’ll enjoy!