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It's me ... again!

... time to try again ... Well... if I start this post by saying I'm going to try my hand at this ... again .... many of you would be shocked! Lots, and I mean LOTS has happened since my last post... we survived a pandemic, and I've changed jobs.... twice! We bought a pizza oven, the husband got a promotion, we've had several deaths in the family ... and lots of Life has happened in between there! I'm not going to back up and document the last few years... but I will start fresh now and fill you guys in on the past - as we move on! 2023 Holiday Season: Things we have done this Holiday Season: watched a lot of Hallmark and Great American Family Christmas movies! visited Dollywood - for the Christmas lights and shows finished the 2023 Russ Christmas Card got ALL of our trees up (there are 3) had a great Thanksgiving with family got the outdoor decorations up! had the annual Ladies Christmas Tea at church - so much fun! There are still items on the to-do list before the e