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Spring is HERE!

With the warm weather comes lots of things… buds, blooms and bugs! Well, yes, but also it brings with it farmers markets, ice cream on the porch, dinner on the deck and lots of flowers in the yard! Here are a few of the bright and beautiful plants blooming around our yard… View Full Album

Russ Garden 2013

W ell, it’s that time of year again… GARDEN TIME! I have waited all winter and have planed this years veggie patch, I hope, better than last years.  I have selected the plants and got the compost material ready to go! This year we will start out with 3 types of lettuce, Romaine, Bibb and Red Leaf. I’ve already got the tomato plants too, 2 cherry tomatoes and 1 slicer. I have the same type of cherry tomatoes we had last year… I hope with the same success! We are still planning on the second patch to grow the cukes and herbs… just don’t have time right now to get it set up… we still have time to plant those plants in this region, so I’m not to worried… YET! To condition the soil for the new garden this year we added a back of mushroom compost. This is the first time I’ve used this type of compost… but the fellow at the nursery said that I should use chicken or mushroom compost… seeing how I didn’t want the smell of the chicken… I opted for the mushroom… However… if the chicken compost

Can’t go wrong with Ritz & Rolos!

While on Pintrest a while back I came across this little post about Rolos Candy and Ritz Crackers … Well, anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE chocolate and caramel… the combo is just so tasty and can instantly bring a smile to my face! So when I found this pin, I had to place it on my board and wait for the perfect time to make them and share with others… are you wondering why I had to wait… because I would have EATEN the whole bag of Rolos by myself! SO, I had to wait to make them so I could take them and share… and not have anything left to bring home! As fate would have it… This past weekend we got an invite to visit a friends barn for some fine food and good company… PERFECT opportunity to make the little Ritz bites full of chocolate/caramel goodness and SHARE with others! I used a whole bag of Rolos (so there wouldn’t be any leftovers in the house!) and over two sleeves of Ritz crackers… I used the whole wheat ones… I like the way they taste best! I’m sure you could you your