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card updates…

Just a quick post with that latest round of cards that I’ve made with the Cricut… enjoy!                     (Used scraps of red vinyl for the puzzle pieces and the heart, the picture doesn’t show how shiny they are!)

Cricut Magic… Again!

  I am still in awe as I continue to create projects with my Cricut. Here I’ll chronicle several projects, including glass itching and iron on vinyl. This past Christmas I even used it to cut stiffened felt to make snowflake ornaments that I used as gift tags for folks. (Sorry no photos… I got busy and forgot!)   First let’s take a look at a glass etching project I finished for a Christmas gift. Here I used the Cricut to make a stencil out of inexpensive contact paper and used it to mask the bottom of the dish off to use the cream on… A few of my fellow crafty-type friends came over for a craft-night and we etched glass… one of the ladies completed a 9x13 glass baking dish just like this one… my other friend monogrammed hot chocolate mugs for her sons! We used the Cricut to make all the stencils.                                       Next is what seems to be my favorite use for the Cricut right now.. Iron-on Vinyl! I’ve made lots of t-shirts and even a tote ba

Christmas Tea 2014

    This years tea was very nice (as always) and my friend and I went together in on a table. She selected an ice blue colored ornament package from Hobby Lobby and we went from there! We ‘borrowed’ a large jar from my office (thanks to the lighting rep that gave the office a LARGE jar of candy for the holidays!!). We used white snowflakes, silver and blue chocolates and silver tulle table scarf along with LED lights. I think everyone had a great time!      

Crafty Organization

Most of you guys know that last year for my birthday my husband took be to IKEA for a shopping trip … and… I got a new desk for the crafty room!I have worked on it for about a year know and have incorporated a few of my Pintrest finds for craft room storage into the nooks and crannies of the desk. It is working very well and I am really happy with it! While I don’t have any before shots of the whole room, just imagine it with a white folding table in the middle! Enjoy these photos of the desk in action! Here the room is cleared away and waiting for the new desk to be assembled. we got it together in no time and it was ready to GO! Yes… I know… I have a box issue…                     here we are all set up and ready to get to crafting something!           Here are all the shelves in the desk unit. I made use of photo boxes from my local craft store for most of the small item storage. I can sit at the desk and have just about everything I need within reach!