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Garden WAR…

The neighborhood gopher has declared WAR on our little garden patch. A few weeks ago we noticed he was eating cucumbers off the vine, just sitting there munching down… we would go out and run him off… and no sooner are we in the house, he’s back out there chowing down! But after we woke up one morning to find that he had eaten ALL of the leaves off the watermelon plant I had my fill of the critter and his free-loading….                   June 18, 2012                                   July 3, 2012 So I posted on my face book page and asked my friends for ideas to keep him at bay (ideas that didn’t include a pellet gun… my first thought I must admit!) I got some good suggestions… pepper flakes, cat litter, moth balls… someone even suggest that WE move (ha ha Joe!) So, I put some cat litter out… he laughed at it and stole a pepper off the plant… I put out pepper flakes… he gave me the middle paw while munching down on the cucumber leaves… SO, I put out moth balls… and in 2 days he has st