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Spring is almost here…

Spring is almost here… trust me … my allergies are going haywire! So, I though it best to do a winter re-cap to post what I’ve stayed busy with the last few months… and get ready for the garden planting! First, was the Ladies Tea at church. The last few years I’ve helped my friend and neighbor with her table… this year I wanted to give her a chance to just relax and enjoy herself… so I offered to take care of the decorations for her table. She is a elementary school teacher and has enough on her plate herding little ones all day! So, I hit Hobby Lobby the day after Thanksgiving for inspiration… and with my love of snowflakes … it didn’t take to long to find the perfect start! This little ornament caught my eye… and they had just enough… TEN… So I put them in my buggy and headed out to find the rest of the table… I found bows in the gift wrap section to set the ornaments on (so they wouldn’t roll around the table!) Next, I needed a center piece that was festive, provided some light a