Monday, February 23, 2015

card updates…

Just a quick post with that latest round of cards that I’ve made with the Cricut… enjoy!

Photo Feb 11, 5 06 16 PM

Photo Feb 11, 5 06 44 PM











(Used scraps of red vinyl for the puzzle pieces and the heart,
the picture doesn’t show how shiny they are!)

Photo Jan 02, 4 20 36 PMPhoto Jan 02, 4 20 46 PM

Photo Jan 02, 4 21 41 PM

Photo Jan 02, 4 21 49 PM

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cricut Magic… Again!


I am still in awe as I continue to create projects with my Cricut. Here I’ll chronicle several projects, including glass itching and iron on vinyl. This past Christmas I even used it to cut stiffened felt to make snowflake ornaments that I used as gift tags for folks. (Sorry no photos… I got busy and forgot!)
Photo Nov 07, 10 12 30 PM


First let’s take a look at a glass etching project I finished for a Christmas gift. Here I used the Cricut to make a stencil out of inexpensive contact paper and used it to mask the bottom of the dish off to use the cream on… A few of my fellow crafty-type friends came over for a craft-night and we etched glass… one of the ladies completed a 9x13 glass baking dish just like this one… my other friend monogrammed hot chocolate mugs for her sons! We used the Cricut to make all the stencils.







Photo Nov 07, 9 05 15 PM

Photo Nov 07, 9 05 27 PM














Photo Sep 26, 3 21 03 PMPhoto Nov 25, 9 29 41 PM
Next is what seems to be my favorite use for the Cricut right now.. Iron-on Vinyl! I’ve made lots of t-shirts and even a tote bag for a friend…

I had seen shirts similar to these online for upwards of 25 dollars… well a trip to HL and 30 minutes later I had my very own creations!

Photo Sep 26, 4 01 33 PMPhoto Nov 25, 9 39 44 PM













Photo Dec 12, 8 42 13 PM

Here’s a bag I made for a friend… I bet you can guess what she likes to do in her spare time…

I used the Cricut and regular vinyl to make ornaments for my brother and his family for Christmas…

Photo Oct 28, 7 46 41 PM






Photo Feb 11, 4 54 59 PM




Here’s the last one… I tagged my Cricut!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Christmas Tea 2014

Photo Dec 02, 1 18 06 PM



This years tea was very nice (as always) and my friend and I went together in on a table. She selected an ice blue colored ornament package from Hobby Lobby and we went from there!

We ‘borrowed’ a large jar from my office (thanks to the lighting rep that gave the office a LARGE jar of candy for the holidays!!). We used white snowflakes, silver and blue chocolates and silver tulle table scarf along with LED lights.

I think everyone had a great time!




Photo Dec 02, 1 18 00 PM

Photo Dec 02, 6 20 02 PM