Monday, December 1, 2014

Busy, Busy for the Holidays!

Photo Nov 22, 6 41 05 PM

Just like most of you… I have been super busy preparing for the Holidays! Getting gifts ready, cards made, assembling ornaments… and making wreaths!
Some might remember the post had a few months back about a new skill I found … wreath making …. Well, as it turns out those same friends asked if I would make wreaths for them to use as Christmas gifts! I was very flattered that then liked the first ones I made to return and ask for new wreaths, and to use them as gifts makes me smile!

It took a bit longer to make these than I had hoped for… not because the process is lengthy or time consuming… it took a long time, because I have had TOO MANY PROJECTS going!!


Here are the new wreaths… one for a UT fan and one for someone that can use it for both Christmas and with a bow change can use it for 4th of July!
Photo Nov 20, 8 21 47 PMPhoto Nov 21, 5 21 50 PM













Now, I didn’t get a photo of the UT one finished… the ‘C’ was painted white and installed correctly… and I made a solid blue bow to go with the red chevron one for the 4th!

While making all these wreaths I found a red burlap one on Pintrest that I liked and used it as inspiration for one of my very own! The brown burlap doesn’t do much for me, but the rich red color really stuck with me… so I gathered the supplies and got started!
Photo Nov 22, 11 03 58 AM

Most of you know I have a ‘thing’ for snowflakes. Our Christmas tree every year is covered in snowflakes, my husband finds me a new different one to add each year. Most of my Christmas cards include a snowflake of some kind… You’ll notice from this photo that my work table in the craft room has several snowflakes under the mat that I used as mock-ups for this years Christmas card. I’ll post a photo of them later on… I used a dollar store plastic snowflake to mount the ‘R’ on the wreath. It also has a bow made with blue/white snowflake ribbon. (I made it Red/White/Blue with out make it overly 4th of July, but it is still 100% me, patriotic through and through!)


Photo Nov 22, 6 40 58 PMPhoto Nov 22, 6 41 21 PMPhoto Nov 22, 6 41 14 PM









Here it is hanging on our front door!

Photo Nov 29, 2 50 49 PM

Photo Nov 29, 2 51 38 PM I also made a tomato cage tree for the flower pot that welcomes folks at our front door… not to shabby for an old cage and a few old strings of garland! … I have to admit that it looks pretty good lit up with its LED lights!

I’ll have more projects to post later this month… so check back!

And have a very Merry little Christmas!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Spinning through time…

Photo Jun 08, 4 34 34 PM I posted a while back about a clock I had personalized for the Spin Studio at the Y, where I take spin classes a few times a week… well, I’m sad to report that not even the Y is safe from folks that think a five finger discount is the best way to get what they want… the little clock came up missing! It wasn’t anything special… a 5 dollar clock from my local Target store and a few stickers to tell others where in the Y it belonged… I decided its replacement needed to make a statement… it needed to say without a doubt that it belonged in the spin studio … somewhere, if not at the local Y, maybe in the spin studio of someone with a firm understanding of a five finger discount!

So back to Target to pick up another 5 dollar clock and home to give it some personality! I took the WHOLE thing apart this time, no more just adding to the OUTSIDE of the clock to tell folks about it… I opened it up and placed on the face, for the world to see, a cut of a BIKE and the words ‘Spin Studio’ emblazoned across the top!! (if someone wants to take this one… they better love my choice of decor!)

Enjoy these in-progress photos!

Photo Jun 08, 4 01 40 PM Photo Jun 08, 4 11 01 PMPhoto Jun 08, 4 23 45 PM








Photo Jun 08, 4 13 35 PM

Photo Jun 08, 4 18 59 PM

Photo Jun 08, 4 27 14 PM








 Photo Jun 08, 4 28 25 PM Photo Jun 08, 4 29 11 PM Photo Jun 08, 4 29 26 PM








Photo Jun 08, 4 31 47 PM

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Card update…

I’ve been busy with life lately and haven’t posted any card updates… I’ve made a few birthday cards, a father’s day card, even a congratulations card for a friend who recently got a ‘two star’ promotion… I’ve got this years Russ Christmas card designed… making the finial paper selections soon and hope to have them all made by the end of next month… but for now enjoy these beauties!

Photo Aug 01, 4 44 18 PM













Photo Aug 01, 4 44 25 PMPhoto Jun 11, 8 08 43 PM







Photo Jun 11, 8 08 10 PM












Photo Jun 09, 9 20 11 PM





















Photo Aug 01, 4 00 59 PM





















Photo Aug 01, 4 01 14 PM












More to come!