Thursday, July 24, 2014

Welcome … kitty!

Have you seen the the pin on Pintrest for the ‘welcome” or “hello” door vinyl? No, then here… go check it out and then come back… we’ll wait for you… OK, when I first saw that, I wanted to put it on my door that afternoon! I loved it… but I wasn’t sure my husband would love it as much… so I waited a little while to let my excitement for it die down (just a bit) and I randomly asked if he’d be opposed to me giving the front door a fresh coat of paint and adding a little personalization to it after the paint cured… he said sure go ahead!

Photo May 02, 4 42 22 PM Well, that was all I needed to hit the ground running! I got to work on the cricut to locate the font I liked… then, I was like,”‘why stop at ‘welcome’” … I have a cute set of kitty cut files for the cricut… I found the purrfect one for the door… after all, we are kitty folks why not share with (or warn) visitors our furry friends that occupied the house too!Photo May 17, 2 35 00 PM

After a trip to the hardware store to locate the paint for the door, I ordered the right shade of (traffic) blue and (light kitty) gray vinyl for the greeting and waited till the week my husband was going out of town on business. … I got the door painted the first Friday afternoon and had plans to have the cuts made and on the door before he got home the next Friday… that was until about Wednesday… when it dawns on me that he took the laptop with him and I had no way of cutting the vinyl out till he got home!

Needless to say, I was a little miffed that I couldn’t finish the project before he got home… even though I had to wait…  I finally got the new greeting installed on the door and Mike loves it too! Photo May 17, 2 41 16 PM













Photo May 17, 2 41 56 PM

Photo May 17, 2 41 50 PM

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Scrap Success!

Photo Feb 27, 8 08 29 PMOver the years I have accumulated thousands of pieces of ‘scrap’ paper. Pieces that are to small to make a card out of on their own… but big enough not to throw away. Everything has a purpose … right? I know, those are the famous last words of every hoarder on the planet… but trust me when I say that you will NEVER see me on an episode of that A&E show… However, my ‘scraps’ had gotten out of hand… to the point that it was impossible to find pieces to use on any project… I stored them all jumbled together in a clear 12x12 envelope … it was a HOT MESS! Something had to be done.

So I cleaned out one of the photo boxes I used to store craft supplies inPhoto Feb 27, 8 08 36 PM (I got some news ones at Ikea… another post) and got to sorting… the easiest way I figured was by color …  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet … then there was white and black… and brown (I know they aren’t technically in the rainbow… but hey!) the box determined the size a ‘scrap’ had to be to fit inside, so I got the paper trimmer out and got to work… and bits of paper smaller than 3x3 were ‘outta here! At first it was hard to toss the tiny scraps out … what if I needed to make a tiny flower, or what if I wanted to make a shadow line for a frame… what if… exactly!! it was liberating to let them go!

After about an hour I had a nice neat USABLE stash of ‘scraps’ for my projects. It seems to be working very well, too! I have consulted the ‘scraps’ box on several projects since the purging… I liked it so much that I even went through the patterned paper ‘scraps’ and organized them in the back of the same box, so now I have ONE place to go to the find color coordinated bits to use!

Photo Jun 19, 8 00 48 PM

Here’s the completed box of scraps on the shelf … right above the pens I organized in this post … I completed this project a few weeks back and have had a chance to actually USE scraps from the box to complete projects… feels good to be able to put those little pieces of paper to work!

I am on a mission to get a little more organization going on in the craft room…  look for more organization post coming soon!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pens everywhere and not one that works!

1382270_10200841362571684_6614193_n I know that I have a pen/pencil problem … there I said it … isn’t admitting the problem the first step to recovery? It has been going on for YEARS! You should see the cup of pencils on my desk at the office. I use mechanical pencils every day I am at work and know if one is missing and not in its appointed place when the day is over… everyone has something right… I have pens & pencils…

The trouble in the craft room started when I when to use a sharpie that had been stored on its side in a box of pens (kind like my ‘scraps’ it was a mess!) well, you can imagine that it didn’t make a dark mark like it should have… if it had been stored up-right on it’s head! I had seen a few pins on Pintrest about how to make all kinds of projects with toilet paper tubes… Now, I’m not one to spend months collecting TP tubes to make a flower art piece for the living room wall … but I found an idea for a pen/pencil holder. So we commenced to saving TP tubes and even paper towel tubes… I’ll explain in a minute…

Photo Feb 07, 4 00 20 PMWhen we had saved a tidy stash of the paper tubes I went to work. the tubes in the center I wanted to be higher or taller then the ones around the outer edge. I cut the paper towel tubes in half for this… the TP ones where the perfect height for the outer ring… I wrapped each tube with a nondescript plain piece of paper (mainly because I didn’t want to see the little bits of TP that you can’t get off the glue they use on there!)

Photo Feb 07, 4 25 26 PMPhoto Feb 07, 4 35 17 PM







Once all the tape and paper had been applied the end product was pen nirvana! Now ALL of my pens and pencils have a home and are with easy reach while working on the desk there in the craft room… and they all work, too!

Photo Feb 07, 4 58 47 PMPhoto Feb 07, 4 58 41 PM