Thursday, November 20, 2014

Spinning through time…

Photo Jun 08, 4 34 34 PM I posted a while back about a clock I had personalized for the Spin Studio at the Y, where I take spin classes a few times a week… well, I’m sad to report that not even the Y is safe from folks that think a five finger discount is the best way to get what they want… the little clock came up missing! It wasn’t anything special… a 5 dollar clock from my local Target store and a few stickers to tell others where in the Y it belonged… I decided its replacement needed to make a statement… it needed to say without a doubt that it belonged in the spin studio … somewhere, if not at the local Y, maybe in the spin studio of someone with a firm understanding of a five finger discount!

So back to Target to pick up another 5 dollar clock and home to give it some personality! I took the WHOLE thing apart this time, no more just adding to the OUTSIDE of the clock to tell folks about it… I opened it up and placed on the face, for the world to see, a cut of a BIKE and the words ‘Spin Studio’ emblazoned across the top!! (if someone wants to take this one… they better love my choice of decor!)

Enjoy these in-progress photos!

Photo Jun 08, 4 01 40 PM Photo Jun 08, 4 11 01 PMPhoto Jun 08, 4 23 45 PM








Photo Jun 08, 4 13 35 PM

Photo Jun 08, 4 18 59 PM

Photo Jun 08, 4 27 14 PM








 Photo Jun 08, 4 28 25 PM Photo Jun 08, 4 29 11 PM Photo Jun 08, 4 29 26 PM








Photo Jun 08, 4 31 47 PM

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Card update…

I’ve been busy with life lately and haven’t posted any card updates… I’ve made a few birthday cards, a father’s day card, even a congratulations card for a friend who recently got a ‘two star’ promotion… I’ve got this years Russ Christmas card designed… making the finial paper selections soon and hope to have them all made by the end of next month… but for now enjoy these beauties!

Photo Aug 01, 4 44 18 PM













Photo Aug 01, 4 44 25 PMPhoto Jun 11, 8 08 43 PM







Photo Jun 11, 8 08 10 PM












Photo Jun 09, 9 20 11 PM





















Photo Aug 01, 4 00 59 PM





















Photo Aug 01, 4 01 14 PM












More to come!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Let’s Celebrate!

Photo May 02, 3 58 38 PM I have been keeping my birthday list on a sheet of graph paper for years. Yes, I know while it’s not flashy or trendy… it was functional. And if I am anything, I am functional! But with this in mind… I wanted to have a system that was re-usable, something that I wouldn’t have to re-write each year, something that I could add other projects to it and keep up with everything in a single calendar format.

Photo May 02, 4 37 58 PM





So one rainy afternoon, I sat down at the craft table and put together this cute little ‘Celebration’ calendar. 








It was shortly after I had made the scrap box, so I had lots of large scraps, so I used them as the monthly sheets. I had printed out the months with the dates on a half of an 8 1/2” x 11” sheet. using the corner slot punch I made slots to place the calendar sheets. The back of the previous months sheet will be used to leave sticky notes about non-birthday card projects, like the Christmas Card design project!

Projects are one schedule with my new celebrations calendar!