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New Life comes with New Threads

  While home visiting the family in the flat lands of Southwest Georgia over Thanksgiving, I acquired a little piece of family history. You see my Great Aunt has recently decided to throw caution to the wind and leave single living behind her and move into a retirement community. She paired down her belongings and now resides in a cute little apartment… complete with wifi and Skype! She enjoys the trips and events the community has for them there and seems to be making new friends! As for the piece of family history… I brought back a little rocker that I remember being in my Great-grandmothers house when I was little. My sister said that Aunt B didn’t have room for it and my sister couldn’t bear the thought of it being thrown away… so she brought it to her house… it was sitting in the middle of her living room and in bad need of a new covering and I offered to take it off my sisters hands and give it a home in my guest room. So we loaded it in the back of the truck and headed north. 

Winter/Spring 2015 Update

Things have been super busy around here since my last post. We have had snow, and thunder storms, and LOTS of rain. I’ve gotten the garden plants bought, but not in the ground… (see the comment about the rain!) I’ve made lots of cool things in the craft room and acquired a new (to me) table to refinish for our dinning room… more to come about that later… A post from my blog reached a huge (for me) milestone… The Christmas gift I made for my sister reached over 200 pins on Pinterest! I am blown away at the number of folks that have pinned my post as inspiration! You can see the original post here … I really enjoy my time on Pinterest and love getting ideas from all over the world for everything from gardening to card lay-outs and sweet recipes to try; and am excited when a total stranger pins something of mine, not just a pin I re-pinned… but something that I MADE!       Now, on to the crafting update! One snowy Friday afternoon, I broke out the sewing machine and proceeded to