Winter/Spring 2015 Update

Photo Apr 07, 8 49 16 AM Things have been super busy around here since my last post. We have had snow, and thunder storms, and LOTS of rain. I’ve gotten the garden plants bought, but not in the ground… (see the comment about the rain!) I’ve made lots of cool things in the craft room and acquired a new (to me) table to refinish for our dinning room… more to come about that later…

A post from my blog reached a huge (for me) milestone… The Christmas gift I made for my sister reached over 200 pins on Pinterest! I am blown away at the number of folks that have pinned my post as inspiration! You can see the original post here

I really enjoy my time on Pinterest and love getting ideas from all over the world for everything from gardening to card lay-outs and sweet recipes to try; and am excited when a total stranger pins something of mine, not just a pin I re-pinned… but something that I MADE!

Photo Feb 21, 2 21 20 PM




Now, on to the crafting update!

One snowy Friday afternoon, I broke out the sewing machine and proceeded to whip up a few coffee cup cozies. You can tell from the photo that I made more than a few! But, in my defense, they cut out and went together so easily… I couldn’t help myself… so I made a set for the house and a set for the office… and after posting a picture of my afternoon adventure, I had a few request from friends… so I made a few more for them!

Now, I am far from a seamstress… I need LOTS of practice, but I think they turned out pretty well! As you can guess… this was a Pinterest find, here’s my inspiration!


Photo Mar 27, 7 17 19 PMI’ve made a new wreath, with plans for another one in the next week or two… I was commissioned to make props for an officers retirement party photo booth (super cute… I had a lot of fun making them!) and have laid out the design for our Mother’s Day 2015 cards… the light has hardly been off in the craft room lately!

 Photo Feb 09, 8 00 28 PM


Took another painting class with my friends…

Photo Apr 09, 9 03 57 PM








stay tuned for more exciting updates, there are some really cool projects just over the horizon!


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