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Photo Oct 14, 7 56 12 PM I am really enjoying my Cricut. This year I’ve made all kinds of cool things with it, cards, banners, tags, stencils, snowflakes… But my favorite thing so far has to be a gift I made for my sister for Christmas this year!

My sister is quite the baker and takes her treats all over town, to others to enjoy, whether its the girls meeting or a family dinner, she likes to share her confections with everyone. I had come across a Pin that showed the etched bottom of a glass 9x13 pan and thought that would be cute to make for her… But the more I thought about it the more I talked myself out of making it. The 9x13 would limit her to using it for brownies or dump cakes (which she does bake these) but I wanted to do something special for her cakes and cupcakes …

Photo Oct 14, 7 59 32 PMThen, Inspiration hit while enjoying a leisurely stroll through my local Michael's Craft store… I came across a display of Wilton cake carriers and then it hit me… why not use the Cricut to personalize it with Beth’s name using the black vinyl. But why stop at ‘just’ her name… I needed to get some cool creative juices going…. so I was tinkering around on the Cricut Craftroom program on night and found a really nice ‘B’ that I thought would be nice to use a focal point on the carrier…

Photo Oct 14, 7 56 07 PMAfter I placed the ‘B’ on the layout the rest just came to me! so, “look what Beth brought” was born! And it looked GREAT! (I know, I’m partial!)  I used the B for both her name and the word brought…

I played with the size to make sure it would look nice on the carrier and sent it to the Cricut to cut it out of the black vinyl. After cleaning up the extra pieces of vinyl I used the transfer tape to move the vinyl letters to the side of the cake carrier.Photo Oct 14, 8 15 53 PM






Photo Oct 14, 8 15 46 PM

It took some wiggling and finesse to get the B to lay flat and the rest to behave… I got lucky and didn’t have any air bubbles to fuss with!

I did give her a few cautionary instructions… Like not to wash it in the dishwasher, or scrub on the vinyl like it was a dirty rag… it will need a damp cloth wipe down when it’s a dirty… I sent it down to her for Christmas and she sent a note back saying that she loved it and was looking forward to using it!  Makes me happy to know that she will enjoy it!

Photo Oct 14, 8 16 42 PM














Photo Oct 14, 8 16 53 PM

Photo Oct 15, 8 46 38 AM


  1. You used the 651 vinyl? And did you coat it with anything?


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