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Busy, Busy for the Holidays!

Just like most of you… I have been super busy preparing for the Holidays! Getting gifts ready, cards made, assembling ornaments… and making wreaths! Some might remember the post had a few months back about a new skill I found … wreath making …. Well, as it turns out those same friends asked if I would make wreaths for them to use as Christmas gifts! I was very flattered that then liked the first ones I made to return and ask for new wreaths, and to use them as gifts makes me smile! It took a bit longer to make these than I had hoped for… not because the process is lengthy or time consuming… it took a long time, because I have had TOO MANY PROJECTS going!!   Here are the new wreaths… one for a UT fan and one for someone that can use it for both Christmas and with a bow change can use it for 4th of July!                         Now, I didn’t get a photo of the UT one finished… the ‘C’ was painted white and installed correctly… and I made a solid blue bow to go with th