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A Little Halloween Fun…

I recently attended a really cool Halloween Party at a friends BARN! It was great, they had a bon fire, lots of food and even a football game on the big screen! She asked if we wanted to bring a treat for the kids that would be there to feel free… so naturally I got busy and searched for a cool treat to make… off to Pintrest! Came across this pin for nutterbutter ghost cookies and then this one for witch hat cookies . Nutterbutter are kind of a weakness for my husband and I… so I thought it best not to bring a pack of them into the house… they might not have made it to the party!! Instead I opted for the witch hat cookies and let me tell you that they could not have been easier and went over great at the party… I didn’t bring a single one home! View Full Album Start out with a pack of fudge striped cookies, flip them over so that the fudge back is showing. Next place a small amount of store bought orange frosting. I got a tube of it in the cake decorating area of my favorite Publi

A Peck of Peppers…

It is getting to be late fall here in the Tennessee Valley and the garden is just about near its end. In the last few weeks the pepper plants have been in overdrive and have produced more peppers than we knew what to do with… we gave some to friends and neighbors… we ate a whole lot on salads and sandwiches… but what to do with the 50 plus peppers still on the plants…? My southern roots came through and the only answer was to put them up!! That means to can them to those of you not familiar with the term ‘put them up’. My grandmother and my mother both canned when I was growing up in south Georgia. Mostly jams, there was the occasional jar of pickles… but I remember the fig and strawberry jams!   Over the years I have tried my hand at canning. I have canned blackberry jam, cherry jam, strawberry jam, apple butter, and even put up apple sauce while we lived in Washington State! But I have never tackled anything outside the sugar realm. My cousins that live in the mountains of North G