A Little Halloween Fun…

Photo Oct 20, 8 35 18 AM I recently attended a really cool Halloween Party at a friends BARN! It was great, they had a bon fire, lots of food and even a football game on the big screen! She asked if we wanted to bring a treat for the kids that would be there to feel free… so naturally I got busy and searched for a cool treat to make… off to Pintrest!

Came across this pin for nutterbutter ghost cookies and then this one for witch hat cookies. Nutterbutter are kind of a weakness for my husband and I… so I thought it best not to bring a pack of them into the house… they might not have made it to the party!! Instead I opted for the witch hat cookies and let me tell you that they could not have been easier and went over great at the party… I didn’t bring a single one home!

Start out with a pack of fudge striped cookies, flip them over so that the fudge back is showing. Next place a small amount of store bought orange frosting. I got a tube of it in the cake decorating area of my favorite Publix! Then take unwrapped kisses and place on the frosting, give them a little twist to squeeze out just a tiny bit of the orange frosting… and wholly cow you have a cute Halloween cookie in no time AND you didn’t even turn the oven on!!


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