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Birthday Squared

We have been adjusting to a few changes around here... My husband has been moved to first shift, which is great! He is now home each evening and we are able to have dinner together and hold conversations with more than 8 words! But with it comes new challenges... like my time in the evenings that I had to myself to work on projects, is now happily being spent with him! I will have to work on carving out time to work on projects and still enjoy having him home in the evenings! Like tonight, he is at a meeting, so I headed up the steps to the craft room and cranked out this cute card for a friends birthday that falls SUPER close to St. Patty's day. The picture doesn't show the green flower as well as in person... I will also work on taking better pictures (and not use my iPhone!) Enjoy the newest A. Russ Original!

Valentines Day - Part 2

Another A. Russ original card, this one is for my husband!

Valentines Day 2012

I finished the assembly of my Valentines Day gift for my husband. It will be the anchor piece for the display on the blank wall up the stairs to the second floor. I have a mission this year to hang art and pictures on the last blank wall in the house!