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Birthday Greetings

The month of March has LOTS of birthdays for my family and friends. These are a few of the creations I made for this months celebrations. Some with the new Cricut and some with my new favorite stamps! Enjoy!                            

The start of something wonderful…

In the last few weeks something wonderful has begun for me … I had a milestone birthday. My birthdays have never bothered me, I mean having a birthday sure beats the alternative! So this one I took in stride, after all you only turn 40 once… right? My best girlfriends took great care of me with a progressive dinner that covered all over downtown and ended with a great tribute concert for Johnny Cash! It was AWESOME! We had a great time, we ate, we drank, we laughed, we walked, we rode the trolley, we ate some more, we danced and we laughed even more! I will be forever grateful for their friendships, they mean the world to me!  For my birthday I was blessed with many gifts. I can’t wait for spring to get here, I have lots of new garden tools to put to use! I’ll post pictures of them out  in the garden soon! I got a super cool flag tervis tumbler, that will gets lots of use at the neighbor hood parties I sure of that! My husband got me a membership to a local firing range… that might so

Shopping with Style…

Durring one of my many mindless pintrest adventures I came across this post for a reusable produce bags…  Daisy Janie Fabric Produce Bags … Now, I don’t have an aversion to plastic bags and don’t beat people over the head at the local grocery sore for using them… But, I like to be ‘green’ where I can. We recycle at the house (we are down to one bag of garbage a week), I take items home to recycle from the office… I reuse paper bags and even the plastic ones too ( see this post about the Bag Wrangler ). So to find a pattern for a ‘green’ produce bag… my curiosity was peaked..  These little produce bags are AWESOME! The question was, with my SUPER limited sewing skills would I be able to pull it off…  The post had been pinned to my craft project board for a few weeks, while I worked up the nerve to get the sewing machine out, then came an invite from a friend to participate in her Face Book coordinated homemade gift exchange in January! After getting paired up with a lovely retire