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Christmas 2012 Re-Cap

The 2012 Christmas season was very busy for us! We had more parties and social functions to attend than ever before. Dinners, parties, musicals, shows… seemed to have something to go to or do every other day! By the time we left to visit the in-laws in NC I was exhausted and ready for some time away!             The house looked great and very Christmas’y inside… but we had a new roof put on right before Christmas, so we didn’t put out any outside decorations… had a few of our neighbors worried!   We baked allot too! I went to my very first cookie exchange, had a great time visiting with friends I  haven’t seen since I was a teenager and giggling about old times! I made eggnog glazed nutmeg spiced sugar cookies. They where AWESOME! I will make them again next year! There were dozens of great cookies there at the exchange and we had cookies to spare for weeks! I made a huge batch of Christmas buttons to take on our trip, we also made rolos and pretzels… they are just as tasty!