Six Months Ago…

2015-05-30 21.10.29



Six months ago five little tiny fur balls were born… Two came to live with us… and WE haven’t been the same since! WOW, they have GROWN so much and continue to push the limits. Heck, just this past Saturday, Ponch and Jon where playing in/with a box in the dining room (wood floor) and somehow Ponch took a tumble IN the box down the steps to the basement… While we don’t have any proof, we are pretty sure that Jon pushed the box over the edge! Ponch was a little dizzy at the bottom as he climbed out of the box, Jon was quite proud of himself! All I can say is, I’m glad they have kitty insurance!



2015-09-12 19.53.33They both love to nap in the oddest positions… Jon’s favorite is on his tummy with both back legs straight our behind him! Ponch likes to sleep right next to my face at night… try waking up to the alarm clock at 4:40 AM and get a furry paw in the eye!

The two of them got ‘fixed’ a few weeks ago and they really put it on thick for the ladies at the vet. They just LOVED them… they sent them home with little certificates of bravery… what a HOOT! The vet tech said we would need to keep them calm for four to ten DAYS…YEAH!! we got them home and it wasn’t an hour and they where wrestling in the floor and jumping on the scratching post… 4 days… we didn’t make it 4 HOURS!!

I hope things calm down with them… I’m not sure how much more this ol’ lady can take!!

2015-10-01 15.57.43

2015-10-16 18.47.34

2015-10-16 18.48.23

2015-10-11 16.06.48














2015-09-02 10.27.46











Most of the pictures I take of them end up looking like this… They move so darn FAST!!
I have to remind them all the time they have geriatric parents and to take it easy on us!!
(for the record… we wouldn’t trade them for anything!)


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