Spring is almost here…

Spring is almost here… trust me … my allergies are going haywire! So, I though it best to do a winter re-cap to post what I’ve stayed busy with the last few months… and get ready for the garden planting!

First, was the Ladies Tea at church. The last few years I’ve helped my friend and neighbor with her table… this year I wanted to give her a chance to just relax and enjoy herself… so I offered to take care of the decorations for her table. She is a elementary school teacher and has enough on her plate herding little ones all day!
So, I hit Hobby Lobby the day after Thanksgiving for inspiration… and with my love of snowflakes … it didn’t take to long to find the perfect start!Photo Dec 03, 12 48 34 PM

This little ornament caught my eye… and they had just enough… TEN… So I put them in my buggy and headed out to find the rest of the table… I found bows in the gift wrap section to set the ornaments on (so they wouldn’t roll around the table!) Next, I needed a center piece that was festive, provided some light and wasn’t so big that we couldn’t talk to the ladies on the other side of the table…

Photo Dec 03, 12 49 26 PMI came across an end cap of pillar candles and thought they would be great… now what to put them in… I KNOW! My Pampered Chef trifle dish… I had been combing Pintrest for inspiration and saw where someone had pulled off a flower arrangement in hers… I thought… WHY NOT!  So I snapped up a few candles and headed over to the berry garland aisle to look for something to cover the base of the trifle dish… SCORE!
I had already picked up enough of the wrapping bows to add a little filler to the base. Just had to find something to use as filler for the trifle bowl… what to use, what to use… Hobby Lobby had some nice tiny snowballs made out of Styrofoam… I got a back of those, but latter decided that a burning candle and Styrofoam might not be the best combo for the ladies tea… at Church! So, I opted for fresh cranberries… I think it turned out great!

Photo Dec 03, 12 49 06 PM
I finished the table off with red plates with snowflakes and little white boxes with peppermints in them. I tied them up with red ribbons and tags with snowflakes on them!

The table looked great and the ladies seemed to like it. It went together quickly and I didn’t have to spend the day setting it up… or half the night taking it down after the tea… Photo Dec 03, 12 49 44 PM 







Photo Dec 03, 6 00 08 PM






Here’s a photo of our table (after I got back to the venue and put it back together … another post for another day) with the salad and desserts…




Photo Dec 15, 2 53 46 PM
Next was my goody bags for the guys in my husbands unit… I think they turned out cute and I hear the payday candy bars were a huge hit with the guys!
I titled them “the 2013 Police Survival Kit” and used post cards I printed to put the poem on the bags. I got the idea from a post on Pintrest (yes… I know) I got the items together and made each of the guys a bag…

The poem goes like this:

Life Saver:
To remind you of the many times you’ve been one.
For that burst of energy you’ll need.

Photo Dec 15, 2 54 00 PM

Because you’re not doing it for the money.
Paper Clip:
To help hold it all together.
Hershey Kisses:

Because you deserve them from all.
To help your unit to stick together.
Tootsie Roll:
To help you roll with the punches.
Peppermint Patty:
To help you keep your cool.
To remind you to keep your sense of humor.
For the “mounds” of courage you need.



Crafty-ness was happening, albeit slowly… but I did manage to make a few cards…  Photo Feb 07, 4 01 42 PM Photo Feb 07, 4 01 49 PM







Photo Jan 07, 8 39 58 PMPhoto Jan 07, 8 40 22 PM








I have found wasabi tape… and I really like it! Both of these cards are made with it and they turned out great!



Photo Feb 13, 7 56 13 AMWE HAD SNOW!! … and lots of it! We celebrated my birthday by playing in the snow with the neighbors… it was SO MUCH fun! It didn’t seem to bother the birds at all.Photo Feb 13, 9 27 33 AM 








… the bamboo in the back yard however had issues with the snow!


Photo Feb 13, 9 28 39 AM

I am glad that we got snow this winter, made the cold weather seem worth it somehow… but now I’m ready for spring, allergies and all! I’m ready to play in the garden after work and ride my bike before dark, I’m ready to rock in my chair on the front porch in shorts! Bring on SPRING!Photo Jan 29, 6 06 27 PM


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