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Photo Feb 14, 4 03 47 PMMost of you guys know that last year for my birthday my husband took be to IKEA for a shopping trip … and… I got a new desk for the crafty room!I have worked on it for about a year know and have incorporated a few of my Pintrest finds for craft room storage into the nooks and crannies of the desk. It is working very well and I am really happy with it!

While I don’t have any before shots of the whole room, just imagine it with a white folding table in the middle! Enjoy these photos of the desk in action!

Here the room is cleared away and waiting for the new desk to be assembled. we got it together in no time and it was ready to GO!

Yes… I know… I have a box issue…


Photo Feb 14, 8 23 13 PM

Photo Feb 13, 7 37 33 PM






Photo Feb 14, 8 28 47 PM




Photo Feb 14, 8 49 22 PM


here we are all set up and ready to get to crafting something!






Here are all the shelves in the desk unit. I made use of photo boxes from my local craft store for most of the small item storage. I can sit at the desk and have just about everything I need within reach!

Photo Jun 19, 8 00 48 PM Photo Jun 19, 8 00 57 PM









 Photo Jun 19, 8 01 09 PMPhoto Jun 19, 8 01 23 PM


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