Cricut Magic… Again!


I am still in awe as I continue to create projects with my Cricut. Here I’ll chronicle several projects, including glass itching and iron on vinyl. This past Christmas I even used it to cut stiffened felt to make snowflake ornaments that I used as gift tags for folks. (Sorry no photos… I got busy and forgot!)
Photo Nov 07, 10 12 30 PM


First let’s take a look at a glass etching project I finished for a Christmas gift. Here I used the Cricut to make a stencil out of inexpensive contact paper and used it to mask the bottom of the dish off to use the cream on… A few of my fellow crafty-type friends came over for a craft-night and we etched glass… one of the ladies completed a 9x13 glass baking dish just like this one… my other friend monogrammed hot chocolate mugs for her sons! We used the Cricut to make all the stencils.







Photo Nov 07, 9 05 15 PM

Photo Nov 07, 9 05 27 PM














Photo Sep 26, 3 21 03 PMPhoto Nov 25, 9 29 41 PM
Next is what seems to be my favorite use for the Cricut right now.. Iron-on Vinyl! I’ve made lots of t-shirts and even a tote bag for a friend…

I had seen shirts similar to these online for upwards of 25 dollars… well a trip to HL and 30 minutes later I had my very own creations!

Photo Sep 26, 4 01 33 PMPhoto Nov 25, 9 39 44 PM













Photo Dec 12, 8 42 13 PM

Here’s a bag I made for a friend… I bet you can guess what she likes to do in her spare time…

I used the Cricut and regular vinyl to make ornaments for my brother and his family for Christmas…

Photo Oct 28, 7 46 41 PM






Photo Feb 11, 4 54 59 PM




Here’s the last one… I tagged my Cricut!


  1. HI! Beautiful things you make! How can I get the "love" design?

    1. Hey Lis, thanks for the complement. I created the 'love' design in my Cricut using the Lyrical Letters (Jumbo) font and the badge from the 3d Hats collection. The Heart came from the Craftroom Basic.
      Hope this helps! Happy Crafting!


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