Russ Garden 2013

Photo Apr 06, 2 07 24 PMWell, it’s that time of year again… GARDEN TIME! I have waited all winter and have planed this years veggie patch, I hope, better than last years.  I have selected the plants and got the compost material ready to go!

This year we will start out with 3 types of lettuce, Romaine, Bibb and Red Leaf. I’ve already got the tomato plants too, 2 cherry tomatoes and 1 slicer. I have the same type of cherry tomatoes we had last year… I hope with the same success!

We are still planning on the second patch to grow the cukes and herbs… just don’t have time right now to get it set up… we still have time to plant those plants in this region, so I’m not to worried… YET!

Photo Apr 06, 2 07 36 PMTo condition the soil for the new garden this year we added a back of mushroom compost. This is the first time I’ve used this type of compost… but the fellow at the nursery said that I should use chicken or mushroom compost… seeing how I didn’t want the smell of the chicken… I opted for the mushroom… However… if the chicken compost smell would keep the critters out… I’d use it in a hot minute!!

My Garden Assistant Manager helped with the little tiller we have to work the compost into the soil. I laid the plants out and we make quick work of getting them in the soil. We decided not to use the bird netting this year. It made things so difficult latter in the year trying to get the little tomatoes of the plants, not to mention I had to throw it away at the end of the season…

   Photo Apr 06, 2 16 06 PM   Photo Apr 06, 3 07 04 PM











Well, with out the safety of the bird netting … the tender little veggies didn’t last a WEEK before the groundhog/gopher ate the lettuces to the GROUND!! He found the Russ Salad Bar open and quite tasty!  So I had to make some improvements to the patch the very next Saturday.

 Photo Apr 11, 6 16 02 PM Photo Apr 11, 6 16 05 PM











Photo Apr 13, 2 26 32 PM

Photo Apr 13, 2 45 02 PM











The fence seems to have worked… for now… it’s been 2 weeks and no signs of additional critter damage… keep your fingers crossed!

I’m pleased to report that most of the lettuce plants are going to make it… We’ve lost 3 total, so we will be ok. The rain we have had in the area has been great for the veggies… and me (I’m not a fan of having to pay to water the patch… looking for ideas on rain barrels…) We have to wait a little longer for fresh greens for our salads… but it will be worth it!

Photo Apr 18, 6 26 23 PM Photo Apr 18, 6 26 44 PM


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