Thanks … A Bunch!

Photo Jun 08, 4 58 41 PM Recently my dear husband had a bicycling accident and broke his collarbone. He is doing much better now, after surgery to mend the bone with a plate and seven screws! To make things just a tad worse he got into a patch of poison ivy at the same time and got the worse case I had every seen! During the recovery a very special friend made us the best pan of lasagna we’ve had and brought zucchini bread too. She is a wonderful friend and took care of us while he was out of commission. (She knows that I don’t cook! The meal was the first home cooked one we had in over a week!)
To say thanks for her thoughtfulness I made this card for her. I got a chance to use the new Cricut machine for the ‘daisy’ cuts.

Thanks again Jamie, you’re the best!


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