A busy 2 Weeks...

Our garden has been in the ground two whole weeks and it has been a very busy 14 days! The lettuce is growing so fast, so fast that we have already had salads with the leaves, it was very tasty!
The tomatoes are producing lots of blooms, so if we can keep the bugs at bay, we should have tons of of the red orbs. I'm now on the hunt for a solution that will keep the bugs away and not kill us when we eat the veggies. It's harder than I thought.

The watermelon seeds are doing quite well, as are the beans and peas. We added some zucchini seeds to a planter box on the front porch, so we have veggies all over the yard!
You will notice that we have a few furry critters that have moved into the back yard. One rather large gopher and a small (at the time) family of rabbits...

I'd take suggestions on the bugs and the critters!


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