Huge Harvest...

Yesterday we had a huge lettuce harvest from the garden patch. We had enough to make 2 large salads for dinner last night along with 2 smaller salads for our lunches today PLUS we had some left over for at least one dinner salad tonight! (We go through a lot of lettuce for salads... no we aren't vegetarians!)

While out at the patch, we are excited to report that three of the four tomato plants have tiny tomatoes on them! The beans seem to be doing better, now that the seven dust has had time to ward off the bugs that were eating the leaves! More reports later this week...

We worked in the yards for a bit over the weekend, applied a good coat of Teak Oil to the rockers on the front porch and potted the geraniums in their hanging baskets for the front porch. The humming birds seem to like them and they seem to do well in the FULL SUN that the front porch gets.

I'm hoping to work in some time this week for a sewing project I found on Pintrest... I know that will shock most of you... but I have the materials to finish the camera bag insert I want to make for my new Thirty-one tote bag... I'll post and let you know how it goes!


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