Birthday Wishes...

I have a special friend who is celebrating her birthday this week and to aid in the celebration I embellished a journal for her. She is a very talented writer and I'm hoping that this gift will give her hours of enjoyment. Target has a number of cute journals, but for this refined young lady I needed something a little less 'Lisa Frank' and a little more 'Vera Wang' if you know what I mean...

 Found a nice black leather bound book with a handy pocket in the back cover, so with it and a few black sparkly items from Micheal's... the book has a unique personal touch that I hope she'll enjoy!

 Only a sophisticated card would go with the embellished journal,
so I created this 'A. Russ Original' to commemorate the special day!


  1. I'm sure your very special friend LOVES and adores her journal - and carries it just about everywhere with her. ;) You are SO talented and creative, ARuss. xo


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