Can you really make a delicious cupcake with only 2 ingredients...? I wasn't convinced... Yes, I've seen all the post on Pintrest that show how you can make everything from cup cakes to brownies out of nothing but a store bought boxed mix and a can of soda pop. But I wasn't sure... what would it taste like? ... would it rise? ... can you believe everything you read on the Internet?

We have a Friday Family Dinner with friends on alternating Fridays... I love to bake and always like to take a cool dessert for us to share. One of our friends is off of dairy right now while she nurses her new born, So finding desserts that don't have dairy can be a challenge... to add to that, another friend has recently found out she is allergic to CHOCOLATE... can you believe it!! So when you take out dairy AND chocolate, dessert choices can get pretty slim... so here's where I had to reconsider this 2 ingredient recipe and just go for it!

It's strawberry season here in our neck of the woods, so I thought I'd try a strawberry cake mix with a diet Sprite... it was supper easy and really foamy! I placed it in the muffin tin and into the oven, still wondering if it would turn out right or if I'd have to toss the pan away in the end!

 As you can see they turned out looking fine...and really PINK! I used a tub of cream cheese frosting (for our non-dairy friend) In the end I placed strawberries on them... they turned out great~ Very moist and very tasty and very Weight Watchers friendly (well, minus the tub of frosting!... use fat free cool whip instead)

 I was quite pleased with the success of the strawberry cake mix ones... and happening to have a chocolate craving while baking (surprise right?!)... I raided the pantry to find a chocolate cake mix... paired it with a Cherry Dr. Pepper... Must say, it is my new favorite! ...

So maybe you can believe SOME things on the internet!


  1. I LOVE the strawberry ones the best!!! You Angela are super talented!!!!


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