June Garden Update Part 2

Photo Jun 28, 6 22 26 PM Well, in the past few weeks the tomatoes have continued to go gang busters… (I must remember the name of these tomato plants for next year… and do a better job of placing them in the patch!) We are getting about 2 pints of little tomatoes every 3 to four days, which is nice since we eat a few salads a day and at 2 bucks a pint at the grocery store we are saving a little bit! You’ll notice that the cherry tomato TREES have taken over just about ever inch of the patch. The cucumbers are fighting for their space… not sure who is going to win the battle!  

     Watermelons on May 31, 7 31 59 PMPhoto Jun 28, 6 21 32 PM  







                              Then                                                                 Now
Watermelon plants on May 31, 2012                  Watermelon plants on Jun 29, 2012

Our watermelon seeds are doing quite well. Having never grown watermelons in my life, I have to say I’m a little impressed! Of course the seed packet cautioned that it would take more that 80 days for maturity… it might be August before we see the melons… if we have any! The critters in the neighborhood are getting a little to cozy around the veggies… the cucumbers are out onto the grass and the melons are in a pot out by the shop… the bunnies and even the gopher have been spotted a little to close to the patch for my taste!

Photo Jun 28, 7 52 54 AMWe are having a few issues with either a pest or some type of fungi… several of the cucumbers have gotten to a nice size but have not gotten a dark green color… then there are several of the larger tomatoes that will put out nice fruit but it will get squishy at the stem end and fall of the vine… need to Google it and see what I can find out… Might just need to give it a good shot of Miracle Grow! We are in the mist of a heat wave here in the TN valley, so we are watering practically every day!

On a brighter note, the Luna Hibiscus in full bloom out in the front yard, I snapped this shot as I was leaving for work this week.  


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