June Garden Update

Been a few weeks since we had a ‘garden update’ so I’ll try to catch up. We have finished up the lettuce and must say it was great! I cleared the lettuce plants out of the front of the patch and moved the peppers (both green and banana) to the front where the lettuce was… 3 of the banana plants wouldn’t fit in the front, so they moved into a large pot. The tomato TREES were blocking the peppers from getting any sun, so the move was necessary! Both peppers are doing MUCH better, now that they can get some sun!

Photo Jun 07, 6 46 01 PM
The cucumbers are going CRAZY! we have already picked 2 nice size ones, We use them in our salads and might have to come up with other options as there are more on the vines ready to be picked! Cherry tomatoes are doing really well and taste great, another salad staple for the Russ’ we have more than enough. We are picking about a pint of little ripe orbs every 3 or 4 days!

The zucchini is doing ok… if you’ll remember he lives in a pot on the front porch… he gets lots of sun and I have to water it every day… but we only have ONE piece of fruit on it right now… there are several that LOOK like they are trying to form behind their blooms… so we have to wait on them… 


Photo Jun 11, 6 24 53 PMPhoto Jun 07, 6 46 25 PM

It has been a struggle with the beans and peas… mainly because the tomato TREES have taken over. I’m not complaining, just saying that next year the tomatoes will get their own bed! We did have a few beans and peas, just a handful really… But they were great!

Photo Jun 07, 6 47 47 PM Photo Jun 07, 6 50 38 AM

We are in maintenance mode with the tomatoes right now… that meaning that we are staking and tying up supports where we can. the fruit is so heavy right now that they are bending and snapping the little branches. And then there are the pest… something is eating little holes into the fruit… I can’t find anything on the plants… A friend suggested that I spray the plants with a mixtures of soapy water… Worth a try!                          …                                          Tell next time…


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