A Treat for our Treats!

Photo Aug 12, 5 34 53 PM I have seen a few really nice looking projects with etched glass and thought… ‘I could do that!’… so off to the local Hobby Lobby to find the cream and work on my skills… there’s a funny story about the trip to Hobby Lobby… I went in and looked where I thought it might have been and when I couldn’t locate it I stopped an employee and asked her if she could tell me where it was at… now keep in mind I’m standing in the HOBBY LOBBY… she replies, ‘oh! that’s in the CRAFT section!’… I stood there thinking to myself.. the WHOLE STORE IS THE CRAFT SECTION SILLY GIRL!! come to find out they keep it near the stain glass pieces… Who knew!

The bottle of glass etching cream I got doesn’t have instructions on it… it’s a small bottle and I guess all they had room for was the WARNINGS! So I had to do a little research to find out how to use it… All I could find said put it on think and leave it for 5 minutes… so with this knowledge and little glass jar and a few stickers I set off to create.

Photo Aug 12, 3 55 58 PM

I pulled out a few of my scrapbook punches to see what shape I liked best and went for the tag shape. The jar came from TJMax for less than 3 bucks, the letter stickers came out of the dollar bin at Target, the contact paper came in a HUGE roll of 9 yards for 2 bucks at the dollar store along with the etching cream at 8 bucks from Hobby Lobby…so this learning experience came in under 15 bucks.

After I gathered the supplies and made a paper template of the area to be etched I set off to the craft table to see if I could do this without having to re-read the warnings on the small bottle of etching cream!


Photo Aug 12, 3 58 38 PMPhoto Aug 12, 4 04 10 PMPhoto Aug 12, 4 08 10 PM








I punched the tag shape out of the contact paper and placed it on the top of the lid. Placing the paper template I had made earlier behind the lid helped me figure out where I wanted to place it… next came the stickers for the word ‘treats’…

Photo Aug 12, 4 11 56 PM

Photo Aug 12, 4 22 34 PM

Photo Aug 12, 4 23 11 PM

Appling the etching cream to the lid, over the stickers and a little over the edges of the tag punched contact paper was a little tricky… well, if you count trying to keep it off of my fingers tricky! Setting the timer for five minutes I had to wait… I hate waiting… so I went to clean out a closet! Once the wait was over I washed the cream off and PANICKED! as I was washing it off it looked very faint as if it didn’t take… I had already convinced myself that it was a total FAIL! However after drying it off it looked GREAT! The only thing I would do different would be pick a jar without any words in the back of the area I wanted to etch. There’s always next time! I will hone my glass etching skills for Christmas gifting!!


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