Pink Baby Bliss

Photo Jul 20, 2 00 40 PM Here’s my very first ‘mod podge’ project. I need a little more practice at it, but I think I might like it. My first experience with the stuff was not that great and I have avoided it for a few years… even as all my crafty friends raved about it… You see, when we bought our current house, the basement was used as an office by the previous owners and they had taken pages out of a map book and deco podged them to the walls… exactly!! So it took me over a week and several bottles of wall paper remover to SCRAPE the maps off the wall… so, you see I have reason to be a little skeptical of mod podge!

Photo Jul 20, 12 59 03 PMI have seen a few cute letters that have fun papers on them and though… I could do that! Just so happens I was in the process of making a baby shower gift basket… the perfect opportunity to see what I could do!  I went hunting for supplies… found a D at a local box store (on sale!) stopped by Hobby Lobby for the mod podge and headed home. Having tons of paper, embellishments and ribbon at the house I just used from the stock piles! 

Gathering up the supplies I set out to master mod podgeing! I found these cute little white ribbon flowers and some pink ribbon to use as a hanger. The pink paper has ‘baby’ in script on it… PERFECT!

Photo Jul 20, 1 06 27 PMUsing my trusty can of spray adhesive, I put the glue on the letter then placed the letter on the BACK of the paper. Then cut it out with the x-acto blade. It needed a bit of sanding with a fine grit sand paper on the edges to smooth it out! it was looking pretty good by this step… then came the first application of mod podge… PANIC washed over me then!! It had tons of bubbles and wrinkles …  I almost cried! It looked like I had let a first grader lose on the craft table!

I had to walk away… let it dry for a bit… and then apply a second coat of glue… and then let that layer dry too… it was a painful process for me! Photo Jul 20, 1 22 43 PMPhoto Jul 20, 1 30 14 PMPhoto Jul 20, 2 00 13 PM








Photo Jul 20, 2 00 40 PM (1)After a little drying time and some well placed flowers and ribbon, I think it turned out pretty nice. It does have a bit of ‘character’…
after all it is A. Russ Original!


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