Photo Aug 01, 7 11 18 AMI know it still shocks some of you guys that we are actually growing our own veggies this year… (I’m still in awe myself!) Well, after the battle of the garden patch with the furry critters in the backyard, you might remember that we moved the watermelons (and the banana peppers) out of the patch and placed in pots and moved to the porches.

I’m happy to report that both the plants are doing great in their new digs! The peppers are doing really well… and as you can see from the photos below… WE HAVE WATERMELONS!!! Now, no I do not know how to grow watermelons… so watermelon farmers are safe… I’m not sure when they will be ready… BUT, I can say that they grow REALLY fast… the little ones on the vines here have almost doubled in size in 3 days!

Photo Aug 01, 7 10 36 AMPhoto Aug 01, 7 11 54 AM

We are trying to figure out what is eating the vines from the CENTER of the pot… we think it might be a few deer that the neighbors have spotted in our back yard… it would explain the odd tracks at the base of the deck and the vines missing from the center of the plant… We’ll keep you posted…



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