Garden Update September 2012 … The End is Near…


Photo Sep 09, 6 47 13 PMThe garden this year has been great! We have enjoyed it so much, everything from the lettuce to the peppers and oh my the TOMATOES! The tomatoes are still going strong… the photo below shows the tomato TREES are as tall as the shop next to them, and still have tons of little green orbs all over the branches.  The green peppers in the front are still hanging on, but I don’t think they are going to last much longer. The weather here has started to get a little cooler… which I welcome!

Photo Sep 09, 6 33 15 PM Photo Sep 09, 6 33 25 PM 











Photo Sep 09, 6 37 36 PMThe Watermelons on the back deck haven't faired so well this summer… We only have one melon that is of any size. The others all got to be about the size of baseballs and the something got them and they rotted away… I am still watering it and feeding it every few days (more like once a week!) I will have to research watermelon growing tips over the winter so we can be ready next spring!

On a positive note, the thyme and oregano on the back deck are growing great, will have to dry it this fall so we can use it all winter! The kitties catnip is doing real well too. The bees are enjoying it more than the kids are though! I should bring some in for them soon!


 Photo Sep 09, 6 32 36 PMPhoto Sep 09, 6 32 42 PM











The peppers on the front porch are doing really well, so well in fact, that I plan on building a planter box for the end of the front porch to grow banana peppers and bell peppers out front next year... Don’t know why but peppers seem to do great up there!Photo Sep 09, 6 41 36 PM   Photo Sep 09, 6 41 56 PM











Photo Sep 09, 6 42 29 PMThe little yellow flowers are doing well too… I’ll have to remember this plant for next year. I’ve been trying to find one that will do well in the full sun the front porch gets and looks good on the little table between the two rockers… this little gem is working out great!

The garden and plants have had a great summer… but I’m looking forward to cooler weather! It will give me time to study up on more gardening tips and get a few new garden boxes built!


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