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Photo Oct 12, 9 55 24 PMWe have tried to get away from using plastic shopping bags… we have reusable shopping bags and I’ve even made some reusable produce bags for us to use. (I’ll write a post about them later). But every once in a while we come home with a plastic bag, which isn’t the end of the world… I use them to line the small garbage cans in the bathrooms and to clean the litter boxes out. We used to store the bags inside a larger plastic shopping bag on the bottom shelf in the pantry. Well, that was getting old… having to fish the bag out of the other bag all while trying not to knock everything off the bottom shelf was a hassle!

I saw a post on pintrest about using a wet wipe container as storage for the plastic shopping bags and thought I COULD DO THAT!! So, after we had used the last of the wet wipes (It took a while and I was excited to get the project going!!

The paper I chose to wrap the container with is a cute dot pattern that looks nice with our kitchen décor (that was here when we bought the house over 5 years ago… I know… I know… I’ll get around to it one day!) The project went quickly, with a little double sided tape and a few cuts it was done and out-of-control shopping bags were under control and looking sharp on the bottom shelf in the pantry! It might work to well… My husband was looking for a plastic baggie in the pantry last week and came to ask what I had done with them!


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