Red Hot…

Photo Jan 10, 9 01 35 PMThere are a group of ladies that I have become good friends with, that gather every month or so for a bible study. Our husbands all work for the same company (Well, one of the ladies works there too!) and we get together and hang out and discuss a book and how we can work on our marriages. Our current book is ‘Red Hot Monogamy’ by Bill and Pam Farrel. While I’ve been married for 17 plus years this book has some interesting suggestions on how to spice up your married love life. It has been entertaining to discuss with the group… it even has ‘homework’!!

Last month during our study we talked about one of the suggestions in the book… purchasing a ‘coupon book’ for your spouse… Well, I thought, what the heck… we could very easily make them ourselves! So a CRAFT NIGHT was planned! I did a little research on the different types of coupon books we could make in a night. Two types came up, one with little ‘match sticks’ that could be ‘re-used’ over and over… and a match book style. I thought both played on the title of our book study… a match book and match sticks!

I made one of each to work out any bugs and get the measurements down before the gang came over… I think they turned out quite cute! I’ve already written out the match sticks for gift on Valentine’s Day!

IMG_8091We had a great time! Several of the ladies made the match stick one and 2 ladies made the match book… (something about having little ones and not wanting the ‘coupons’ to be loose all over the house… heehee!) One of the ladies brought her teenage daughter along, so she made Valentine's for her dad and a few friends. I good time was had by all!

I’m looking forward to having another craft night at the casa… 


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