… well … at least there’s a decent story behind it…

Photo Sep 10, 5 18 02 PM I’m sure that you have noticed that I haven’t posted to the blog in MONTHS… well, there’s a good story behind it… some of you know that my husband had a bicycle accident this summer and broke his collar bone… well, that turned into a mountain of paperwork with the insurance companies not to mention taking care of him. I’m not a cook, so we ate out a lot and I TRIED to fix things at the house on occasion. As all of this was going on, I had to deal with another round of kidney stones… Needless to say, between him, keeping up the house, dealing with stones and my job, I lost ALL of my free time. There was very little time for crafts, gardening, blogging … sitting quietly on the porch … watching the fireflies this summer (I missed that a lot!)  

Just as I THOUGHT things might be leveling out and resuming some sibilance of our ‘normal’ … My husband got somewhat of a promotion at work that required a COMPLETE shift in his work schedule… that meant he would be home more in the evenings on some nights, so we are spending more time together! I like that part of the change, but not what it has done to his sleeping habits… I’ll save that for another post… so now I THINK I have adjusted to the changes we have had over the past months…

I’m ready for our ‘normal’ again!! and with that, I’m committed to make a blog post each week… (at first, I’d like to do it more often, but baby steps!) Seeing how it’s already November, I have been busy on the Christmas card for this year, working on a few gifts for family and friends… I have current projects to post soon. In the mean time, here’s what I managed to eek out over the summer…


I managed to make a few birthday cards for folks! … I am planning on doing better next year… I know, famous last words…


had a really mild wet summer here… the tomatoes had mildew real bad, but they did okay. the bunnies once again though I planted a salad bar for them… geez. had NO luck with cukes this year at all, did get tons of peppers though!


I did get a new road bike, YEAH! Went on a few charity rides with friends… looking forward to NEXT YEAR!


I did manage to get a few fun things out of the kitchen this summer… I feel in LOVE with my new silicone cupcake cups!


A little slice of summer… a touch of fall

Here’s odds and ends from the adventures we had this summer and into the fall!


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