each one ‘A Russ Original’

Photo Apr 22, 6 32 41 PMSome of you might have seen my FaceBook post about the painting classes I’ve taken over the past few months.  I’m NO artist and I don’t see my paints going for millions after I’m dead and gone (although that would be cool!) but I have learned that I enjoy it! I get to spend the evening with my friends laughing and cutting up… and trying not to let my OCD’s get the best of me!

During each of these outings I have made an effort to let loose and have fun… the first time I went, I worried about every line and how chubby my birds had gotten, how hard it was for me to make a straight line free-hand… then, it was like a light bulb went off… the instructor stated something I say all the time, just in a different context… “it’s not wrong, it’s just different!”


IT’S NOT WRONG… IT’S JUST DIFFERENT… while I said that for years about directions to a address, about the way someone details a wall section, or the way instructions are written… I’ve said that about anything, someone else did or does … I had never applied to MYSELF. I have for years dealt with things having to be ‘perfect’ … not by anyone’s standard other than my own. I spend DAYS cleaning our house when we are having people over, everything on my desk in a certain spot before I leave in the afternoon, including the office chair… I could go on, and on… and on… but these painting classes have helped me understand that it’s ok if it doesn’t look like the master, it’s something that I have applied myself to do. It makes it truly A Russ Original… and I like it!

Photo Apr 22, 7 03 28 PMPhoto Apr 22, 8 32 20 PM








Photo Apr 22, 8 49 30 PM










Photo Dec 27, 9 21 38 PM Photo Dec 27, 8 27 42 PM











I really enjoyed this one… it’s in the guest bath at the house!
My friends join in on the fun (although they ARE MUCH BETTER than me!… This sweet lady here, paints beautiful canvas of her on in her spare time… just to relax!)

 Photo Mar 23, 7 24 09 PM Photo Mar 23, 8 04 12 PM











Photo Mar 23, 8 04 16 PM

Photo Mar 23, 8 10 27 PM















I will continue to go and make art, it gets me out of my comfort zone and I could use more of that!
Photo May 05, 7 35 45 PMPhoto May 05, 8 17 01 PM


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