Pens everywhere and not one that works!

1382270_10200841362571684_6614193_n I know that I have a pen/pencil problem … there I said it … isn’t admitting the problem the first step to recovery? It has been going on for YEARS! You should see the cup of pencils on my desk at the office. I use mechanical pencils every day I am at work and know if one is missing and not in its appointed place when the day is over… everyone has something right… I have pens & pencils…

The trouble in the craft room started when I when to use a sharpie that had been stored on its side in a box of pens (kind like my ‘scraps’ it was a mess!) well, you can imagine that it didn’t make a dark mark like it should have… if it had been stored up-right on it’s head! I had seen a few pins on Pintrest about how to make all kinds of projects with toilet paper tubes… Now, I’m not one to spend months collecting TP tubes to make a flower art piece for the living room wall … but I found an idea for a pen/pencil holder. So we commenced to saving TP tubes and even paper towel tubes… I’ll explain in a minute…

Photo Feb 07, 4 00 20 PMWhen we had saved a tidy stash of the paper tubes I went to work. the tubes in the center I wanted to be higher or taller then the ones around the outer edge. I cut the paper towel tubes in half for this… the TP ones where the perfect height for the outer ring… I wrapped each tube with a nondescript plain piece of paper (mainly because I didn’t want to see the little bits of TP that you can’t get off the glue they use on there!)

Photo Feb 07, 4 25 26 PMPhoto Feb 07, 4 35 17 PM







Once all the tape and paper had been applied the end product was pen nirvana! Now ALL of my pens and pencils have a home and are with easy reach while working on the desk there in the craft room… and they all work, too!

Photo Feb 07, 4 58 47 PMPhoto Feb 07, 4 58 41 PM


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