Welcome … kitty!

Have you seen the the pin on Pintrest for the ‘welcome” or “hello” door vinyl? No, then here… go check it out and then come back… we’ll wait for you… OK, when I first saw that, I wanted to put it on my door that afternoon! I loved it… but I wasn’t sure my husband would love it as much… so I waited a little while to let my excitement for it die down (just a bit) and I randomly asked if he’d be opposed to me giving the front door a fresh coat of paint and adding a little personalization to it after the paint cured… he said sure go ahead!

Photo May 02, 4 42 22 PM Well, that was all I needed to hit the ground running! I got to work on the cricut to locate the font I liked… then, I was like,”‘why stop at ‘welcome’” … I have a cute set of kitty cut files for the cricut… I found the purrfect one for the door… after all, we are kitty folks why not share with (or warn) visitors our furry friends that occupied the house too!Photo May 17, 2 35 00 PM

After a trip to the hardware store to locate the paint for the door, I ordered the right shade of (traffic) blue and (light kitty) gray vinyl for the greeting and waited till the week my husband was going out of town on business. … I got the door painted the first Friday afternoon and had plans to have the cuts made and on the door before he got home the next Friday… that was until about Wednesday… when it dawns on me that he took the laptop with him and I had no way of cutting the vinyl out till he got home!

Needless to say, I was a little miffed that I couldn’t finish the project before he got home… even though I had to wait…  I finally got the new greeting installed on the door and Mike loves it too! Photo May 17, 2 41 16 PM













Photo May 17, 2 41 56 PM

Photo May 17, 2 41 50 PM


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