New to Me ~ Wreaths…


Photo Jun 27, 6 04 01 PM In most of the circles I move in, I am known as a crafty person… for some reason…Some of my friends call me ‘Martha’ …   they all think I’ve gotten some talent for all things crafty!
Recently I had a friend send me a note with a picture of a wreath and said that I was the only person she knew that could pull it off, very flattering for me… but I had never made a wreath before!

So, I headed out to the Hobby Lobby to see what I could get into… I found a book there on wreaths… so I stood there in the store and read through it. It didn’t seem too difficult… so I loaded up on supplies and headed home…  I goggled a few how-to videos and then hit pintrest for even more ideas. I have to admit that it was a little frustrating at first… but it soon clicked and I was off to the races!

Photo Jun 27, 4 51 14 PMI only took one ‘in progress’ picture, but it shows the process I used, pipe cleaners. Or as they are now called, ‘chenille stems’ really folks… since when… they’ve ALWAYS been pipe cleaners… ask any kindergarten teacher older than 35!

(as a side note, my Mom tried to convince me that I didn’t need the pipe cleaners, that it could be done with out them… it took the third wreath before it made sense to me!)

I ended up making 2 wreaths almost alike, both for fellow LEO wives, which should explain the thin blue line theme… I haven’t made one for myself yet… I should get on that!


Here are the finished wreaths… 

Photo Jun 28, 6 54 48 AM

Photo Jun 28, 6 54 30 AM












They both got delivered on the same day, so the back of the Saturn was FULL!Photo Jun 28, 6 56 32 AM
Photo Jun 28, 6 54 57 AM

Photo Jun 28, 6 55 02 AM  






Once these were completed and I posted a photo on my Facebook page… I got a request for another wreath… another FIRST for me… burlap! here’s the finished burlap wreath!
Photo Aug 16, 9 02 05 AM

I finally decided to listen to my mom and try it with out the pipe cleaners… it worked out great! I must warn you, that burlap sheds a lot (that I didn’t know about) so take precautions when working inside… I had burlap FUZ everywhere in the craft room, had to run the vacuum afterwards!

I’m sure that it will look great on the new home door of this friend!


What NEW craft can I tackle next?


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