a little Second Shift Love

2015-08-19 20.43.332015-08-19 20.43.48Just a quick post today…

I was working with the Cricut this week after work to make a birthday card and gift (that I will post later… after the gift is given!) and had an idea that I needed to let my second shift hubby know that I love him when he leaves for work… It’s been on my mind for a while now… I’m rarely home when he leaves for work… Who am I kidding… I’m hardly EVER home when he leaves in the afternoon!

I get to talk to him on the phone (if he’s not to busy) and we text when we can… So except for the occasional lunch/dinner ‘dates’ while one of us is at work or on the weekends, we don’t get to spend a lot of time together. After a career in the Navy, we got used to prioritizing what we talked about WHEN we did get to talk… After 20 years of marriage… it seems to be working!!

So, I cut this out of a few scraps of vinyl I had in the craft room and installed it on the  back door, so he can see it every time he heads out to work, even if I’m not there… He’ll know that I love him!!


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