Sewing Madness…

Photo Jun 10, 8 02 48 PMI have never considered myself to be handy at the sewing machine. My Grandmother, bless her heart, tried to teach me… but I struggled with straight lines, so forget about anything fancy, like say a button hole! But the last few projects I’ve finished have inspired me to tackle a few more sewing projects, after all, I have had a pattern for a cute skirt for YEARS and just been to afraid to tackle it!
We are going to a convention of sorts in a few weeks and I thought it would be nice to have cards to give my old friends I run into there, with the blog address and contact information on them… you know, in case they might want to get in touch with me later… so, I designed a super neat card and then got to thinking I’d need something to put them in! So, off to pintrest I went and found this post… The Crafty Cupboard is a cool blog with lots of neat projects! Her instructions are simple and even ‘Ang’ proof!
In no time I had this little item cut and stitched up! I really like the star button and the colors are perfect! Now I can pass out cute cards out of a equally cute card holder! I’m telling you… it’s SEWING MADNESS in the craft room lately!
Photo Jun 15, 2 40 55 PM
Photo Jun 15, 2 41 30 PMPhoto Jun 15, 2 41 11 PM


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