Scrap Success!

Photo Feb 27, 8 08 29 PMOver the years I have accumulated thousands of pieces of ‘scrap’ paper. Pieces that are to small to make a card out of on their own… but big enough not to throw away. Everything has a purpose … right? I know, those are the famous last words of every hoarder on the planet… but trust me when I say that you will NEVER see me on an episode of that A&E show… However, my ‘scraps’ had gotten out of hand… to the point that it was impossible to find pieces to use on any project… I stored them all jumbled together in a clear 12x12 envelope … it was a HOT MESS! Something had to be done.

So I cleaned out one of the photo boxes I used to store craft supplies inPhoto Feb 27, 8 08 36 PM (I got some news ones at Ikea… another post) and got to sorting… the easiest way I figured was by color …  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet … then there was white and black… and brown (I know they aren’t technically in the rainbow… but hey!) the box determined the size a ‘scrap’ had to be to fit inside, so I got the paper trimmer out and got to work… and bits of paper smaller than 3x3 were ‘outta here! At first it was hard to toss the tiny scraps out … what if I needed to make a tiny flower, or what if I wanted to make a shadow line for a frame… what if… exactly!! it was liberating to let them go!

After about an hour I had a nice neat USABLE stash of ‘scraps’ for my projects. It seems to be working very well, too! I have consulted the ‘scraps’ box on several projects since the purging… I liked it so much that I even went through the patterned paper ‘scraps’ and organized them in the back of the same box, so now I have ONE place to go to the find color coordinated bits to use!

Photo Jun 19, 8 00 48 PM

Here’s the completed box of scraps on the shelf … right above the pens I organized in this post … I completed this project a few weeks back and have had a chance to actually USE scraps from the box to complete projects… feels good to be able to put those little pieces of paper to work!

I am on a mission to get a little more organization going on in the craft room…  look for more organization post coming soon!


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