Spinning through time…

Photo Jun 08, 4 34 34 PM I posted a while back about a clock I had personalized for the Spin Studio at the Y, where I take spin classes a few times a week… well, I’m sad to report that not even the Y is safe from folks that think a five finger discount is the best way to get what they want… the little clock came up missing! It wasn’t anything special… a 5 dollar clock from my local Target store and a few stickers to tell others where in the Y it belonged… I decided its replacement needed to make a statement… it needed to say without a doubt that it belonged in the spin studio … somewhere, if not at the local Y, maybe in the spin studio of someone with a firm understanding of a five finger discount!

So back to Target to pick up another 5 dollar clock and home to give it some personality! I took the WHOLE thing apart this time, no more just adding to the OUTSIDE of the clock to tell folks about it… I opened it up and placed on the face, for the world to see, a cut of a BIKE and the words ‘Spin Studio’ emblazoned across the top!! (if someone wants to take this one… they better love my choice of decor!)

Enjoy these in-progress photos!

Photo Jun 08, 4 01 40 PM Photo Jun 08, 4 11 01 PMPhoto Jun 08, 4 23 45 PM








Photo Jun 08, 4 13 35 PM

Photo Jun 08, 4 18 59 PM

Photo Jun 08, 4 27 14 PM








 Photo Jun 08, 4 28 25 PM Photo Jun 08, 4 29 11 PM Photo Jun 08, 4 29 26 PM








Photo Jun 08, 4 31 47 PM


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